Dustin Nelson Wins Lucas Off Road Regional Series Shootout

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Lake Elsinore, CA (10/16/2013) – The Lucas Oil Regional Offroad Racing Series (LORORS) had their regional shootout this past weekend at Lake Elsinore. Racers from the Utah, Arizona and California regions all met at Lake Elsinore to determine the shootout champions. Schedule conflicts have kept me from racing on the Elsinore track prior to this weekend and to make it happen this time I had serious help from Johnny Leach of DWT, who flew me in from the WORCS race in Primm, NV, and my longtime friend Benjie Garat who spotted for me, then drove me back to Primm. With the crazy travel schedule I unfortunately missed qualifying and after my 2 shake down laps was forced to start at the tail of our 16 car field.

The track crew watered heavily just before we rolled out which always makes for an interesting first few laps. Our SR1’s are putting in the area of 140hp to the rear wheels, so things can get sideways quick on a wet track. After one failed attempt, we made the start of the race and stayed surprisingly untouched thru the first turn. With the slippery conditions I stayed way outside in turn 2 and passed 3-4 cars as they struggled for traction on the inside. Then we approached turn 3 and I hugged the inside, just making sure to not get too aggressive and spin the car, it worked as we passed 3 more by the end of the rhythm section. There were so many cars and so much action going on that it was hard to keep track but I just kept taking the lines that weren’t filled by other cars and by the fourth lap I had made my way from 16th to 4th. I pushed hard and moved into 2nd through the rhythm section just before the mandatory yellow at halfway.

When we took the green for the second half, only Jason Weller was ahead of me and I was looking forward to a great battle with one of the class leaders. As we came into turn 3, Jason went inside and I went outside to carry momentum into the rhythm section and make the pass. We went of the first double side by side but then Jason disappeared, falling victim to a broken chain. Once in the lead I drove smooth fast laps to maintain my gap over 2nd place Brandon Kilgore and 3rd, Gary Thompson. We had two late race yellows that bunched us back up but at the end of the green, white, checkered finish I was able to win by 3 seconds.

Coming from last to first was a great feeling but I would rather start near the front next time! Thanks everyone for helping to make it happen: Weller Racing, DWT, Fox Racing Shox, Lone Star Racing, Yamaha, MotoworldRacing.com, M&M Offroad, 100%, Sak Tea, Blac Art. Also big thanks to Steve Beilman for taking my car and giving me a place to pit.