Can Your Wheels Do This???

Laughlin, NV (4/15/17) – As a true testament to the strength of the DWT Sector Zero Baja HD wheel, the 2949 UTV finished the race with the majority of his left rear tire missing.

Gabriel Varela came all the way from Brazil to compete in the Polaris RZR UTV World Championships.  He piloted the 2949 Lonestar Racing CanAm to 3rd place in the Unlimited Desert class.  Varela literally drove the tires off his UTV in route to the checkers.  Much to the crowds amazement, the wheel held up to the abuse.  This is not the first time that a DWT wheel has survived this kind of extreme demands.  When most wheels would crack, bend, or break, the DWT Sector Zero Baja HD held strong and got him to the finish.  That’s why so many top racers choose DWT Wheels as the “Wheels of Champions”.