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* Fully Serviceable True 3 Piece Wheel
* Heavy Duty .250 thick Bead lock Ring
* Super Strong .250 thick Bell/Inner Half
* Super Strong .190 Thick Nose/Outer Half
* Durable Heat Treated 6061 Aluminum

* Available in Black Finish
* Many Offsets Possible
* Easy Tire Mounting
* Made in the U.S.A.

We’ve listened to many requests from top UTV/SXS racers for an even stronger beadlock wheel than our race proven DWT Sector. Our engineers went to work doing what they do best and have come up with what many believe is the perfect solution. Once again we have exceeded our own expectations and have come up with what is said to be the toughest UTV/SXS wheel on the planet! Through precision engineering, rigorous field testing and grueling real life race use we’ve honed in on another true champion grade wheel.

The SECTOR BAJA-HD earned it’s champion title at the 2016 BAJA 500 with Team Terabbit Racing by taking 1st place in the UTV Forced Induction class with Wayne Matlock as well as getting on the podium in the Pro UTV Class with Kristen Matlock.



With all of our Sector wheel’s great features still in place, we’ve custom tailored our Sector BAJA-HD wheel to conquer whatever heavy duty Baja desert style racing has to offer. We’ve added an extremely strong .250 thick beadlock ring as well as a heavy duty .250 thick bell/inner wheel Half. This is surely one of the strongest wheels we’ve ever engineered and the race results speak for themselves.

Made in the USA, these 3 piece wheels are fully serviceable and constructed of super strong lightweight heat treated T6 6061 aluminum – which makes the metal as hard as it gets. All of our heat treatment is done in our factory, assuring a true and proper procedure. The Sector consists of two aluminum wheel halves which bolt to a stylish billet center. An air tight seal is formed by a strong rubber ring seated in a precision machined groove between each wheel half and the wheel center.

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Wayne & Kristen Matlock both take home wins! DWT SECTOR WHEELS Prove their Ultimate Strength & Durability at the grueling 2016 Baja 500 with several top placings.
“We did it!!! I have to say that this was by far the hardest Baja 500 that I have ever done. I am so proud of our whole team, everybody did an awesome job. In a race like this we both feel that is a huge accomplishment to get both of our cars on the podium. Thank you to everybody who helped us achieve this”.  – Wayne and Kristen Matlock