Justin Waters WORCS Round 1 – 1st Place Pro-Am – DWT WHEELS

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RACER PRESS RELEASE: Justin Waters WORCS Round 1 – 1st Place Pro-Am

“First off thank you for your support that made the first WORCS round of the year a huge success! I know how tough it is getting new product out and contracts done with the first race of the year being so early, so thank you. I apologize that this update is coming a little late, I have been waiting on photos from ATVriders.com.

I put a lot of work into the quad in the off-season and it all paid off right from the beginning with a second place holeshot in Production A. I took over the lead early in the lap and battled back and forth for the top 3 positions all race. In the end I took a small spill and backed my pace down to finish with a conservative 3rd place. Sunday’s final race came around quickly but I had little to do to prepare the bike and I was ready and warmed up when the gates dropped. I launched off to another great start and another second place holeshot. I decided to just stay in my position and pace Travis Haynes in first to see what kind of energy he had left over. He made a mistake in the silt late in lap 1 that handed the lead over to me though and I made the decision to run with it. It took me several laps to open up a gap between second place but I placed a hard charge after my fuel stop that was enough to keep me upfront the rest of the race and win the Pro-Am final!

Production A – 3rd Place
Pro-Am – 1st Place

This is the first time I have been on the WORCS podium since 2007 so I couldn’t be more excited to start off the season this way! Thank you everyone for the help and I look forward to more wins with your support”!