Race Report – September 2016 – Casey Sims


“We’ve had a busy month of racing and events all packed into the first few weeks of September.

We began our month with a video shoot for Polaris.  We were honored that they asked Casey to be a part of the commercial that they just released announcing their new 2017 RZR XP Turbo.  He and his car were featured in the “Underdogs and Up and Comers” portion of the commercial.  It was an amazing experience for all of us.  We were able to meet some of the biggest names in the industry and we were able to network and promote with them!

Our month continued with the Dirt Series round 8 at Pala Raceway.  It was a busy day for us as Casey raced in 4 motos, competing in both the UTV RZR 170 Open class and the UTV Open 200 class.

Casey started his day in the RZR 170 Open class.  He took the hole shot in the first moto and led for the first lap.  One of his biggest competitors passed him on lap 2, but Casey was able to stay on him and used a table top jump to his advantage.  He hit the jump and was able to pass his competitor in the air, regaining the first place position when he landed.  Casey took the 1st place spot overall for the day in the RZR 170 Open class!

Casey also raced in the UTV Open 200 class at the Dirt Series.  He took the hole shot in both motos and never looked back.  He weaved through the track and in and out of traffic flawlessly, bringing home the 1st place spot overall for the day!

The following weekend, we headed to the Sand Sports Super Show in Orange County, CA.  We had a fantastic time talking with companies and promoting our sponsors and the sport.

Casey also raced at WORCS round 9 at Glen Helen Raceway last weekend in the SXS Youth 250 Production class.  It was an eventful race, but Casey’s strength, focus, and determination shinned through all the way to the finish line.  Casey began the race in the second place position, and would eventually move to first as he made his way through the extremely rough, technical course.  He fell back to second, and then to third due to the leader getting stuck and Casey subsequently getting stuck behind him.  After he got rolling again, he made his way back to second and then took over the first place spot again.  At about the 15 minute mark, race officials stopped the race and called a restart due to the stock class driving off course at the beginning of the race.  It was extremely hot and Casey had to refocus to start the race again.  At the restart, Casey took the hole shot with one of his competitors on his bumper.  Casey was able to gradually increase his lead, but his competitor stayed very close.  Casey drove smart as there was no room for error.  At the 30 minute mark when the checked flag was raised, Casey clinched the 1st place spot for the day!

Casey’s season is coming to a close in the month of October.  He will be racing the 9th and final round of the Dirt Series on October 8th at Glen Helen Raceway.  He will also be racing the 10th and final round of the WORCS Series on October 22nd at Buffalo Bills in Primm, NV.  He remains the points leader for both series and for the ATV/UTV West Coast Championship.  He is hoping to finish strong!  I will keep you posted on his progress and his results.”  –  Sims Racing 188

You can follow Casey on Instagram @csims188 and @car_sims.