PDV – First Day : Team4Liberty on top – Warnia/Lallemand in TOP 5!

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The first half of the first race was dominated by Jeremie Warnia and Matthew Lallemand, the second was marked by the recovering of Americans Team4Liberty.


Jeremie Warnia successful start and led for two hours. However after change and refueling, Antoine Cheurlin takes the lead. Behind the Americans, Beau Barron, Jarrod McClure, Brycen Neal fight to go ahead, they succeed 10 minutes from the end.

The Americans, who won the first round, had an extraordinary ascent from 60th place to 9th they remain in contention for the top step of the podium!

5th provisional position after 9 hour race in Pont de Vaux – Jeremie Warnia, Mathieu Lallemand and Pierre Platz have finished 5th in both races of the day.

Long lead in the second inning, the interests of exhaust force the crew to pit which made them fall to 8th position , only to take the 5th place and 5th point in accumulated two runs.

Screen shot 2016-08-29 at 8.33.46 AM

“Good first heat at #PDV taking the win, some issues in the night session with a dead battery, looking for a solid finish tomorrow in the last 3 hours”  – Team4Liberty


Screen shot 2016-08-29 at 8.50.12 AMFirst Run SSV : Warnia is not sharing – After 2 hours of racing in the first run of the 30th anniversary Jeremie Warnia and Matthew Lallemand occupy the head of the race.

Jeremie Warnia is not doing the holeshot ,leaving this to Carl Bunce. After one lap, the winner in 2014 settles firmly in the first position. Antoine Cheurlin pulls behind to take the second place over the head of Carl Bunce.
Adrian Mangieu, Mike Van Grinsven, Seal Sheldon and the American Team4Liberty led by Beau Baron on his Honda TRX 450 are fighting ahead.

Photos Anthony Brébant Mike Magnin

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