KADEN DANBURY #27 Tearing it up – September Race Report

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September 11th, Dirt Series, Round 8- 1st Place RZR 170 Stock Class

September 11th, Dirt Series, Round 8- 2nd Place OPEN 200 Class

September 18th, WORCS, Round 9- 3rd Place SXS Youth 250 Production
September 11th- Kaden Danbury battled with another full line up in the Stock RZR 170 and the 200 Open Production Class at the Dirt Series, Round 8, at Pala Raceway. In the Stock RZR 170 Class he dominated both heats and placed 1st overall, locking up the 2016 Championship in the Stock RZR 170 Class by 44 points. Kaden than went on to battle with some awesome competitors in both motos of the 200 Open Production Class and received a 2nd place finish overall for the Open 200 Class locking up 1st place in the 2016 Championship by 32 points for the Open 200 Class. We are beyond excited and look forward to the last race in October to complete the season.

September 8th- Kaden decided to race his Production car at WORCS Glen Helen this year. Knowing that his production car does not have the power as the other cars, he wanted the speed and the challenge. With laps of approx. 6 minutes, he managed to make his way to 2nd place by pure driving and maneuvering around other cars through the first half the race. Due to issues in the Stock class that raced 45 seconds behind him, WORCS decided to restart the race 16 minutes after it had started, nearly 3 laps into the race. He handled like a champ and went back out there and battled to get a 3rd Place Finish. He had a blast and can’t wait to commit himself to the Production Class at WORCS next year!


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