Jeremie Warnia: “This season has not been easy, I got to the finals with six points so I had no room for error, after the first run and I finished third, I knew that I had to win the remaining two innings to be titrated hope, we worked on the settings on my quad between games with my mechanic and I felt better in the last two rounds.
I’m so happy to win this title, the fifth title for me but I would not have managed to get it without my sponsors, my entourage and all the people who supported me and supported me all these years.

Jeremiah Warnia won his fifth championship title of France.  At the final round of the championship of France Elite Conde on the Scheldt, he came second with 6 points behind, he was able to close the gap.  Sunday morning, the best time lap which allows him to choose his starting grid, and allowed him to take three good starts.  But the day was complicated after the first run since finishing third after a mistake by trying to take the lead of the race he lets go 5 points to his opponent for the title.  He will take good starts in the other two rounds and will leave no chance to his opponents by taking the lead on the second lap and win in the fastest lap in both races.

1. Jeremie Warnia – 70 Pts
2. Antoine Cheurlin – 65 Pts
3. Randy Naveaux – 64 Pts Final classification Championship Elite France 2016
1. Jeremie Warnia – 242 Pts
2. Antoine Cheurlin – 238 Pts
3. Edgars Mengelis – 228 Pts

Now place in the Championship of France Sables for Jeremiah Warnia, which begins on October 8-9 on the beach of Berck sur Mer.