DUSTIN NELSON takes CHAMPIONSHIP on Sector Wheels and Moapa Tires!

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INTRODUCING THE NEW CHAMP – DUSTIN NELSON – Sector Wheels and Moapa Tires Get The Job Done!

Dustin Nelson wins the the Lucas Oil regional series final round plus secured his first Production 1000 UTV Class Championship in his DWT equipped YXZ at Lake Elsinore Motorsports park.


THE NELSON REPORT   10/8/16Lucas Oil California Regional Series Rnd 8 – Lake Elsinore, CA

The 8th and final round of the California’s Lucas Oil Off Road Regional Series was held at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park. Temps were in the high 80’s and low 90’s for the weekend with some breezy conditions, making it difficult for the track crews to keep the racing surface from drying out. There was a lot riding on this weekend as we have had a great season and as long as disaster didn’t strike we would walk away with the Championship in the YXZ 1000R’s first season.

Production 1000: I had a new race car heading into this weekend that was just finished up by IMG, the build is quite a bit different than my first car and was made to keep more of the stock YXZ look. The looks are not the only difference, the car has slightly different weight distribution as well and took some getting used to throughout the weekend. Qualifying felt good until the last 2 laps when most drivers lay down their fastest time, I had a right rear tire go down and qualified 5th. Starting the main from the 3rd row I was reminded by Pops on the radio, “I know you want to win this, but let’s be smart about it huh.” When the green flag flew I went conservative thru turn 1 and dropped to 6th where I stayed for the whole first lap. On lap 2 I was able to find some really good lines and my #940 YXZ was hooked up, I went around the outside of two cars thru turns 1 and 2 to put myself into 4th. The next lap I used the same lines to pass another 2 cars and made it to 2nd. On lap 4 I used my outside lines again to pass George Hammel for the lead. I was more comfortable with the new car every lap and ran the fastest lap of the race on the last one, taking the win and the championship. Corry Weller fought hard at the end of the race to make her way from 5th to 2nd and Keith Brooks took the final step on the podium for a Yamaha sweep.



SR1: Qualifying ended one lap early for me with a short in the wiring harness. I still had 2nd fastest lap but it would take a lot of work to get the car back to working order for the main event. With my focus being on the Production class, I almost blew off the task of getting the SR1 going again but decided to dig into it after Pops had the YXZ ready to go. With lots of help form Steve Rounds and Jason Weller, we got the car running and put together just in time for me to get my firesuit on and head up to staging. Starting from row 3 after a 6 car invert made the first lap a little exciting with a fresh coat of water on the track but we made it up to 4th and then to 3rd on lap 2. Curtis Frost was ripping out front with Weller in 2nd when Frost lost a left front wheel entering turn 1 on lap 5. After the competition caution I shot to the inside of Weller thru turn 1 to take the lead. We battled hard for the next 2 laps, then Weller got up next to me when I biked thru turn 2 and we ran side by side until she completed the pass in turn 4. For the final laps I chased and tried all I could but couldn’t make the move for the win. Matt Land ran a fast and consistent race for his first SR1 podium in 3rd.

The YXZ not only won this championship its first time out, we dominated it. 7 wins and 1 second place in an 8 race series. I’m super impressed with the durability the cars have shown while in race situations, we are not nice to them and they just keep ripping.

Production 1000 Results             Production 1000 Points

  1. Dustin Nelson Yamaha         1. Dustin Nelson      430 (7 wins)
  2. Corry Weller Yamaha            2. Corry Weller      397 (1 win)
  3. Keith Brooks Yamaha            3. Brad DeBerti      350


SR1 Results

  1. Corry Weller
  2. Dustin Nelson
  3. Matt Land