David Scott & Danny Prather Win Best in the Desert Championship

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Henderson 250 Podium Finish Secures BITD Championship

Henderson, NV (12/19/2013) – Team Maxxis / CT Racing’s Danny Prather and David Scott wrapped up their third straight Best in the Desert Championship with a podium finish at the Henderson 250 season finale in Jean, Nevada.

Although the Silver State offered less than desirable conditions with below freezing temperatures, high winds, and light snow showers, the team was prepared as they waited in staging. David Scott would start the race for the CT/Maxxis backed team shortly after 6:15 am.
David Scott & Danny Prather

The experienced racers knew exactly what they had to do to assure a safe and clear path to the championship. Aware of the fact that they didn’t need to push themselves or their machine to the ultimate limit, they played it smart during the Henderson 250 because they only needed to finish to wrap-up the championship with three wins under their belt heading into the final round.

“We pretty much knew we just had to finish and not make any mistakes or DNF,” rider David Scott said about their strategy. “It was fast. I usually like when it’s a little rougher because everybody could just sit down and hold it pinned,” he stated about his preference for a rougher and slower course.

While the course was fast and fairly easy, you needed to stay focused because the desert isn’t very forgiving with a high speed get off, and Scott came across a downed racer that was seriously injured from high speed wreck. Scott stopped along with another racer to help the injured racer. After several minutes, Scott decided it was best to go and get help while the other racer stayed behind. Scott notified the race officials, which set him back atleast five minutes before handing off the Honda 450R to Danny Prather to finish the race.

Just days before the race, Scott figured he would need to Ironman the Henderson 250 because his Teammate, Danny Prather was going to the miss the Henderson 250 with a new born at home. On November 30th, Prather’s wife gave birth to a 5lb. 14oz. baby girl named Allison. With a daughter being born one week before the final round of the Best in the Desert Series, the possibility of traveling to Nevada to compete did not seem likely. However, Prather and his wife agreed that racing with his team and be a part of winning the championship was very important.

“I somehow talked my wife into letting me go because I couldn’t stand missing it, if I could be here,” said Prather.

Prather rode smooth and consistent in the final half of the race to take the checkered flag in third place, which was more than enough to wrap up their third straight Best in the Desert Championship. They finished the season with an impressive three wins and third place finish.

In less than a month, the David Scott and Danny Prather will be back in action for the start of the 2014 Best in the Desert season at the Parker 250 in Arizona. The duo has no plans on slowing down as they go for their fourth straight championship, and they give the credit to all the great sponsors behind their program that have allowed to have such success running in the Best in the Desert Series