DASA Power gets Holeshot award in Moto 2

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July 27th 2013, Round 9 of the AMA Atv Nationals were held at Redbud MX in Buchanan, Michigan. After several rounds of wet weather, we were looking forward to a nice cool break from the 100+ weather we are used to and a low % of rain in the forecast. With a light sprinkle we were happy for better track conditions than many of the previous rounds.
During the 1st qualifier, on lap 2, a rock lodged itself in the right front wheel, breaking the spindle and causing Joe Byrd to take an ugly flying leap off the Atv and it ended up landing on him. He was in pain but was prepared physically to go out in qualifier 2, however the bike was not complete yet, so he sat it out. Without being able to learn the track much, Byrd was still able to get the Holeshot during moto 2 and ended up finishing 6th for that moto. We look forward to Round 10 at Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch. Joe would like to thank his awesome DASA powered Honda for getting his BIG Butt the Holeshot