Danny Prather and David Scott Win Longest Off Road Race in the USA BITD Vegas to Reno!

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The CT Racing / Ricky Stator team of David Scott and Danny Prather win 1st Overall at the 2014 General Tire Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno. Winning this event for the 3rd year in a row in the Pro Quad division. The Vegas to Reno race is known for being the longest and toughest off road race in the United States. Traveling 540 miles through some of the roughest terrains in the Nevada desert, but this year it rained for 2 weeks prior to the race. Washing out a lot of terrain and created really rocky and rough conditions all over the course.

“Our Elka suspension worked great and we were fortunate because we ran over 500 miles,” stated Danny Prather.
The #Q1 team was started in the number three position “It took us a while to get by second place because the dust made it tough to see, but we finally got by them and eventually took the lead at pit#4” said Prather.

Danny Prather started the CT Racing Q1 Race Team third off the line around 6 AM
The team kept a good pace early on and had an 18 minute lead by mid race. Trading riding duties almost every 60 miles to keep fresh. Stopping only for fuel and rider changes. “We tried being easy on the bike early on in case we had to push it towards the end, we knew the Q83 team of Cody Mitchell / Colt Brinkerhoff were pushing hard to catch up, but we just rode smart and kept it together.” said David Scott

By the time the Q1 team made it into Pit#9 they had a 25 minute lead over the Q83 Mitchell team. “As soon as I left Pit#9 I noticed an exhaust leak, so I stopped to look at it and discovered we had broken a header pipe stud and the exhaust was falling off, I took it easy over the next 40 miles and kept pushing it back in with my foot until the next pit where we safety wired it in place so we didn’t lose it” Prather said

The team and pit crew pulled together and managed only to lose 7 minutes with the repairs to the exhaust. “We kept a close eye on the pipe, but it held up great! I focused on riding smart and conserving the bike to the end” Scott stated.
Danny and Dave kept the lead around 15 minutes through the final 150 miles and the most remote sections of the race. Knowing that the other teams had to catch them, pass them and gain 2 minutes on adjusted time, they rode cautious and minimized mistakes to the end. The team finished the 500+ mile race with a time of 10:47:42.322, which was eleven minutes ahead of their competition, giving them the Pro Quad win and putting them in 16th overall.
“We are excited to win this race 3 years in a row! With this being our 3rd win this year we have a nice points lead for the Pro Quad Championship going into the last round. Our CT Racing engine ran strong all day, Elka Suspension / Roll Design worked awesome! We can’t thank all of our sponsors enough for everything, especially DWT Wheels, CT Racing, Ricky Stator, Elka Suspension, Roll Design, TireBalls, K&N Filters, RK Chains, Fasst Company, Klim Gear, QuadTech, Skat Trak, Trail Tech, and Zac Speed USA, ” Prather said after the race.