Chaney Racing Ironman GNCC Race Report – 2nd OA

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Saturday was the last GNCC race of the season. Weather and track conditions were perfect. I’m usually always 100% ready to go racing on any given race day but this day i did not feel i was 100%. I was not sick or anything i just had a feeling that we were not prepared good enough for this race.


My buggy Ballistic Performance Components LLC Batteries got my Can-Am Off-Road Maverick fired fast and I was into the woods in first place. Right when my Co-pilot Kimberly Coyle and I entered the first woods section i knew something was wrong. My GNCC Car is always dialed and on rails but today it was going everywhere but straight. Every lap the car got harder and harder for me to drive and to see the look in every spectators eyes as i drove by them i knew something had to be bad wrong. I had no idea what was wrong i just knew i had to finish. After the checkered flag flew we were 10th in class and 10th overall, for a season ending Second Overall, with only 6 points separating second from third.


As you can see from the pictures, without the well manufactured products like the DWT SECTOR WHEELS I use for my race cars, no way i would of finished without this race.


This year has been a very inconstant year for me but i am very thankful for having such a great team!
WEXCR- Championship
GNCC- 2nd XC1 Pro and 2nd Overall