Chaney Racing – Heartland Challenge, IXCR & WEXCR Race Report

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Thursday morning Kyle Chaney and the Chaney Racing Team left for a long weekend of racing – the Heartland Challenge, IXCR and the WEXCR. Here’s what Kyle had to say…

“The 4 Hour race started Friday afternoon. I grabbed the 41 Car and rush Hole shot and started opening up my lead. At around 41min my Turbo Maverick started over heating. I stopped to pit and they noticed the radiator fan was not working. My team quickly got it back going and I took off still in the lead. Then the 1:20 mark comes around and my car starts overheating again. This Time they Zip tie the connectors together and I grab fuel. I take off still in the lead. At just over the 2 hour mark I start over heating again. This time they cut the connector off and hard wired my fan on, I also took fuel because i knew i could make it the remainder of the race on fuel and everyone else would have to stop again i pull out and by the time i make it to the next corner my sway bar breaks. When i pitted Hunter Miller passed me, Jason Luburgh and Cody Miller also had caught up. For the next hour we run pretty close together swapping positions and having some pretty good racing. At just over 3 hours i regain the lead and I notice my belt overheating and a very bad noise coming from my clutch. I quickly get back to my pit where we find the clutch weights broke off the cam arms and the belt roached. It just wasn’t my day”.
“Then we get loaded up at 11pm and Head to Indiana for the IXCR on Saturday. At 8am after driving all night we get to Indiana in a torrential down pour. It rained all day up until the SXS race. Track is super muddy and slick. I got a second place holeshot and was able to gain the lead during the first lap and kept a good pace going and brought back the WIN and my fourth IXCR race win in a row”.

“After the race we headed back to Ohio and got ready for the WEXCR race on Sunday.
I was so tired and worn out that i just wanted to go out and try something different. I borrowed one of my buddies 2011 base model Can-Am Commanders and took it down to race. We did not bring home the victory in it but we had fun!! Brought back some memories from when i used to race a commander”.

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