Chaney Racing Podiums with DWT

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Rnd. 1 – 2017 GNCC UTV

“Track conditions were very rough and Dry. I got a good jump off the line and tucked in behind Tim Farr for the first half lap then i made a pass for the lead . After getting the lead i started getting arm and hand pump really bad and could not hold onto the steering wheel very well. Come to find out i have Pneumonia and was having a hard time breathing so i was unable to get much oxygen into my muscles causing them to cramp. Tim, Cody Miller and I were bumper to bumper for 3 laps before Tim and i took separate lines and came into a corner together causing him to break a steering part. On the final lap Cody and I got into a group of stuck lappers and he was able to get by while i was still trying to find a way around.  I was still able to grab a 3rd place podium spot for the day and come out of the first round with good championship points. Thanks Everyone for the support and Great start to the 2017 season”  –  Kyle Chaney

For 2017 Chaney Racing has also added an XC2 driver to the Team Derron Oakley.
Despite his seat base coming out of the mounts he was still able to bring home a 3rd place Podium spot in the XC2 class