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Official Results for the 45th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000

Winning the overall ATV and Class 25 titles was the team led by Josh Fredericks, Moapa, Nev. They covered the course on a Can-Am DS450 in 27:03:99m averaging 41.46mph.

Frederick’s co-riders on this adventure were Jeremie Warnia, Lake Elsinore, Calif., Jarred McLure, Kaska, Pa. and Colin Webster, Las Vegas.

PRO ATV CLASS 25 – Can-Am DS450, 27:03:00 (41.46 mph)

• Josh Frederick, Moapa, NV
• Jeremie Warnia, Lake Elsinore, CA
• Jarred McLure, Kaska, PA
• Collin Webster, Las Vegas, NV

The 45th running of the famed Baja 1000 took place November 15 through the 17th. The Can-Am / Motoworks team added their name to the history books by claiming the Overall ATV and Class 25 win. The stacked team consisted of veteran Motoworks and Baja racer, Josh Frederick, Jarrod McClure, Jeremie Warnia, Collin Webster, and Caesar Lopez. The team piloted the Can-Am DS 450 for 1,121 miles through arduous terrain to claim the monumental win for Can-Am and Motoworks.

Motoworks racer Josh Frederick started the race for the team. Although the team had drawn a sixth place starting position, Frederick didn’t waste any time getting into the second position. As the race continued on through various terrain the team remained strong and in striking distance of the leaders. As luck would have it, around the 200 mile mark the team broke a piece on the frame which left the foot peg dangling. An hour long pit stop repaired the damaged frame and helped reset the team’s mind.

“Breaking in the beginning changed our mentality. We went into finish mode. It actually helped everyone to ride consistent, fast and steady throughout the rest of the race,” regarded Webster of the team’s early issue.

Jarrod McClure took over the seat after the repair and concentrated on making up time on the leaders. “When I got on we were about an hour down. I had a lot of open roads in front of me and really just put me head down and tried to make up time,” said McClure of his first leg of the Baja 1000.

Midway through the race the Can-Am / Motorworks put fresh oil into the DS 450 and continued their charge on the leaders. Just after day break, around the 700 mile mark the team was able to make the pass and begin to gap the rest of the field.

“The DWT Run Flat Tires really worked well. They really helped us because we never worried about hitting rocks or anything. They were solid,” said McClure of the DWT tires.

Seemingly unchallenged in the final hours each member put in their final charges on their last legs of the race. The Can-Am worked steady and only experienced one mishap in the final hours. Around mile 970 McClure took a tumble in a whoops section and bent the steering stem. This last set back didn’t labor the team as they continued their lead and crossed the finish line unchallenged.

The Can-Am / Motoworks team crossed the finish line in 27 hours and 3 minutes. The team averaged a speed of 41.46 miles per hour. “I’m so proud of everyone who was part of the BAJA team. It was a ton of hard work, but everyone really stepped up and made it happen,” regarded Frederick of the team’s win.