’s DWT STEALTH wheel ATV / UTV Test

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DWT Stealth ATV / UTV Wheel Test: WITH VIDEO



A strong, affordable, cast aluminum wheel made here in the USA.


There are many reasons to switch out your ATV’s wheels: for looks, for strength, for competition, and more. Many base model ATVs come equipped with lackluster steel wheels. They’re reasonably light, but they bend pretty easily and don’t lend themselves much to the overall appearance of the machine.

With a project in the works to modernize our older Grizzly 700, we wanted to switch to a set of wheels that would add some style and strength without breaking the bank. In 2014, Yamaha widened the Grizzly’s track 2”. To add some width and stability to our Grizzly, we ditched the…...CONTINUE TO THE FULL REVIEW, CLICK HERE.

 Summary: Summary: Based on our experience, the Stealth Wheels’ thick aluminum construction, and DWT’s long standing reputation for building extremely durable, top-quality aluminum wheels, we’re confident in the Stealth wheels’ build quality. They’re far nicer looking than a blaze steel wheel without sacrificing function for form. If you want an over-the-top looking wheel, DWT has other models that will have you covered. For a clean, classy looking wheel at a reasonable price, DWT’s Stealth wheels fit the bill nicely.