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Want to get our economy booming again? Please be part of the solution and join us by supporting domestic production and the creation of American jobs.

With thousands of dealers that carry our great American made products, you’ll have no problem finding what you need. Many “brick & mortar” retail locations all around the world carry or can order the wheels and tires you need. There are also many online stores that you can get our great American made products from.

If your retail store of choice does not carry DWT wheels or tires, ask for them. In fact…INSIST that they carry them. Don’t let them try and steer you towards those low quality off shore imposters. We take pride in our workforce and their families and hope you do too. Be part of the solution and Support American Production! You not only help our economy but you also support AMERICAN JOBS & FAMILIES.

Together we can get our economy booming no matter what the naysayers think. Please be part of the solution and join us by supporting domestic production and the creation of American jobs. Together we can and will put our great nation on top.

In the early days of kart racing, our founder (3 time National Karting Champion) Douglas Henline found limitations in the wheel technology of the day. In his pursuit of performance, he devoted himself to designing and manufacturing a new breed of superior wheels. His passion, dedication and engineering skills led to the founding of Douglas Wheel in 1991. After almost two decades of innovation, industry leadership and a staggering number of championships in multiple forms of motor sports, DWT continues to lead the way in performance wheel technology.

Though rich with history, we are always evolving by expanding our product lines, manufacturing processes and rigorous testing procedures in the U.S.A. In our ongoing quest to keep building the best products possible, we have developed unique manufacturing processes by combining our own proprietary forming techniques with conventional material shaping and molding methods. Each piece we produce goes through a series of state of the art processes to assure and maintain that revered DWT dependability. As always, we are devoted to producing the best performing wheels on the planet.


Our Alumilite wheel line has allowed us to experience the American dream and support many fellow hardworking Americans for over 20 years. Since our humble beginnings in a small shop we’ve grown strong over the years through American ingenuity, hard work and much sacrifice. And without question we could not have done it without the support of every single customer. A testament to the American Dream through blood, sweat and tears can be seen in how far our ever advancing Alumilite wheel line has come. Our spun wheels continue to be on top and we strive to keep them there. Please join us in our support of creating and sustaining American jobs through domestic production.

Our designers, engineers & racers collaborate to create the best possible off-road race wheels. Over 20 years of evolution of design innovation, metallurgy and forming processes have created wheels with performance and features second to none. DWT ALUMILITE wheels have won more championships than any other wheels on the market.