• 6061 .190” inch thick construction
• Portion-form technology
• CNC machined billet spindle hub
• Proprietary heat treating


  • 15X4 & 15X5.5 DSM Sand Star Billet Hub Early Model King Pin Front End/Through 1965
  • 15X4 & 15X5.5 DSM Sand Star Billet Hub Late Model Ball Joint Front End/After 1965
  • 15X4 & 15×5.5 DSM Sand Star Billet Hub Large Bearing

• High-luster polish


• California Proposition 65 Warning


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High flying and hard landing!
The Sand Star Billet Hub buggy wheel is durable, high-tech & high style.

If you’re looking for just the right blend of performance, durability and style, look no further. Built to take whatever you and your machine can dish out and look great too. DWT AlumiLite buggy billet center wheels are made from 6061 .190” inch thick aircraft-grade aluminum, spun into shape using Portion-form technology to ensure strength where it’s needed and the best shape for ease of mounting and weight-savings. Proprietary heat treating and hand finishing create a wheel with unmatched performance and  unbeatable custom style.